Monday, June 1, 2009

Tips from Writers - What A Great Ecosystem

Redwood Writers maintains an excellent ecosystem of writers, editors, agents, and publishers available to help both new and experienced writers thrive in their literary pursuits.

Below is a selection of a number of Tips from Writers gleaned from recent guest speakers at our monthly Sunday meetings.

Sorted by Writer

Writer    and    Topic

Sarah Andrews      Writing as Storytelling

Guy Biederman      Why I Will Not Write Today

Nathan Bransford      Advice from a Writing Agent

Stephanie Deignan      Book Signings and Promotion

Molly Dwyer      Synchronicity & Sensibilité in Your Writing 

Christopher Gortner      Thirteen Years in the Making

Jean Hegland      The Importance of Place in Writing

Rob Koslowsky      Steps to Writing Technical Nonfiction

Rob Koslowsky      Fiction versus Non-fiction Writing

Rebecca Lawton      Writing Begins with Wishing

Gil Mansergh      Book Marketing Using New Media

Cindy Pavlinac      Travel Writing and the Power of Place

Jordan Rosenfeld      Making Each Scene in Your Novel Count

Kemble Scott      Success in Writing and Publishing

Shelley Singer panel        Mystery Writers Panel

David Skibbins      Writers Write and Writers Must Market

Kevin Smokler      How to Get Published

David Wetterberg      Parallel Structure

Ann Wilkes       Speaking of Speaking

Persia Woolley      Writing Historical Fiction

Stay in touch with your fellow Redwood Writers, join a critique group, and participate in the many reading opportunities and contests across Sonoma County and beyond.

Keep on writing!

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