Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upcoming Events by Redwood Writers members

Here are two upcoming literary events that feature members of Redwood Writers.

Radio broadcast:

Linda Loveland Reid and Mary Lynn Archibald were interviewed by Rosemary Manchester. That show will be aired on "A Novel Idea," at 7 PM on Feb. 10th, on KRCB Radio. 91 FM. Redwood Writers featured prominently in their conversation. You can listen on air, on line, or wait for a podcast to be posted!

The next event is online and will be ongoing, and our member Mark Sloan calls for participation of our members as well as asking to help spread the word.

Here is Mark's message:

Birth Day: A Pediatrician Explores the Science, the History, and the Wonder of Childbirth. It should be a lively, unscripted (not to say chaotic), interactive event - just the tonic for that midwinter "H1N1-writer's-block flu"...

When: February 8-21 (Two whole weeks! Surely you can drop by at some point...)
What to Bring: Your questions, comments, birth stories, new parent anecdotes/traumas, grandparental pearls of wisdom...basically, anything that comes to mind. (Snacks are okay, too. They're kind of hard to share, though.)

How to sign in:

If you're not already a LibraryThing member:
2) Click on "Join Now" (there's no obligation in joining, though it's a great site)
3) Enter a new member name and password
4) Click "Join Now" again
5) Scroll down the right hand side of the page to "Author Chats"
6) Click on "chat here" by my name and fire away...

Hope to see you there!
Take care,
Mark Sloan

PS: Birth Day continues to get great reviews, both in press and from readers. You can read more at
PPS: Please pass this invitation along to anyone you know with an interest in birth and babies!

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