Thursday, August 20, 2009

President's Message for September

Linda Loveland Reid
President’s Message
Sept 2009


I remember returning to school as a young girl in Healdsburg , on a burning hot September day in which I’d insisted on wearing a new winter outfit, the one I’d picked all those prunes to buy. I was hot and uncomfortable, but I was back.
School years, while they can offer some tough challenges both mentally and emotionally, have always been exciting places for me. I suspect that might be true for most writers. We are proverbial students, always reading and learning. That is why Redwood Writers is such a great “fit” for me. Looking at the line-up of activities for September and October only substantiates my feelings.

First is the Sept 19 Sonoma County Book Festival. RW is proud to be a major organizer this year, handling both the RW Booth and the new Redwood Writers Reading Circle. Many of our authors will be speaking their wares on this glorious Saturday in the sun. Come and meander along the many booths chockfull of books and writing ideas. Hear poetry, see mini-plays, listen to stories, and enjoy food and music.

Sept 13 is our next General Membership meeting at Copperfield's Books in Montgomery Village. Our speaker is Seth Harwood, mystery writer and pod-caster extraordinaire, who will tell us his secrets for success.

Sept 26 is the release of RW’s next anthology, Vintage Voices. Your voices that is, and I can’t wait to hear the readings at North Light Books in Cotati where we will celebrate the launch from 2:00-4:00.

Our biggest event of the year is the Writers Conference on Oct 24, at the Flamingo Hotel. What an accomplishment! Do you know, thinking of the economy, what a good deal this is? I went to the San Francisco Conference last February and it was just under $600 for 2 days. Here you have many of the same great seminars, an opportunity to have your work reviewed by a professional editor, and great speakers all for under $150.

If you’ve not registered yet, do it now on-line at our website: (a place you should check out regularly.)

During the first week of September, I will be interviewed on Elaine Holtz’s TV show, Women Spaces, the third most watched local access production in our county. Joining me will be Patricia Volonakis Davis, author of the delightful book, Harlot’s Sauce. Together we will promote the Writers Conference. Please watch your email for airing times.

This brings me to the subject of volunteerism, something Americans do very well. I am proud of the long list of RW members who spend hundreds of hours making our motto a reality: “writers helping writers.”

A big “thank you” to the many who have contacted us to work at the Book Festival or at the Writers Conference. Your support is heartwarming. However, we still need more help, so let me know if you can spare, not a dime in these hard times, but an hour for the Conference, or let Karen Batchelor know if you can work two hours “sitting” the RW Booth at the Festival. You will have fun and help too.

Speaking of hard times, the Festival and most of RW events are FREE!

And, speaking of volunteerism, being an audience for your fellow writer is another way of helping, while at the same time learning and being entertained. What could be better? So, wherever a RW is speaking or reading, bring friends, your family, or heck, bring strangers, or better yet, prospective members!

As to school and learning? Together we are creating a special space:

Of learning, i.e., our recent Tech Workshop;
Of seminars, i.e., all day at the Conference;
Of readings, i.e., Salons and Odd Month Readings;
Of speakers, i.e., each month at General Meetings;
Of writing opportunities; i.e., RW's many contests;

Maybe leave your winter clothes in the closet for a few more weeks, but do indeed join in all the opportunities and the friendships offered at Redwood Writers.

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