Monday, May 18, 2009

New publishing venue for books:

Tamim Ansary, Kemble Scott, and Joe Quirk, all members of the prestigious San Francisco Writers Workshop are helping to launch a new way for authors to sell books to their readers. is going from merely being a file sharing website to a place you can purchase books.

These books are selling for $2 and can be downloaded as a file to be read on your computer, an e-reader such as the Kindle or even upscale cell phones. The San Francisco Chronicle had an article about how may shake up the publishing industry.

Here is a short Youtube book trailer to help promote the books and the website.

Times certainly are a changin'.

Edited to Add:

This story has gotten a lot of coverage throughout the mainstream media including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the London Times and an interview on National Public Radio's Marketplace.

You can also check the Google News Service at this link to see more articles if you are interested in seeing how this story has taken off like a literary wildfire. Hopefully that will help to sell copies of Kemble, Tamim and Joe's books.


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